The MG brand will be celebrated as a part of British history

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The importance of the automotive sector to our economy is something which is widely known and appreciated. The industry contributes significantly to the national GDP, provides a substantial level of employment and is one of our leading exporters. All of these factors combined has served to make the industry just as important to our national history and culture as it is to our economy. In this regard, we are always happy when an initiative is undertaken to celebrate these qualities.

For some fifty years, the town of Abingdon in Oxfordshire was home to the MG factory. It was the sole producer of the award winning MG Cars, a brand which remains highly prized and fondly thought of to this day. Despite the fact that the factory closed down in 1980, Abingdon is still very closely associated with the MG brand, and the town is understandably proud of the link.

One important element missing from the story of MG in Abingdon has been a formal account of the experiences and memories of the people who worked there. Bob Frampton, a local author and keen historian, has set about putting this right. He is presently going through the substantial number of memories, anecdotes and documents he has collected in order to compile this account, and is actively seeking more contributions so he can produce the most comprehensive volume possible. Mr Frampton has the support of both the Abingdon local authorities and the leading MG enthusiasts clubs in the area.

In terms of both personal and professional interest, we wish Mr Frampton every success with this project and look forward to the finished volume. The fact that a factory which closed down 36 years ago is still so fondly remembered illustrates the important part the automotive sector plays in our history. It is no overstatement to suggest that to become a part of the workforce in the British automotive sector is to embrace the potential to become part of history.

Through our expert work in motor trade recruitment, we have the honour of regularly working with brands and manufacturers which are just as distinctive and highly regarded as MG. We take great pride in the fact that our work enables these brands to hire the very best staff available, and in knowing that we help the best talent in the industry find the perfect career for their abilities.