Mercedes-Benz replaces robots with human workers

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The automotive industry is the biggest user of industrial robots, which means there have been concerns over the past few years that robots will be largely replacing humans in the world of automotive manufacturing. However, recent developments at Mercedes-Benz have shown that this is unlikely to be the case and that there are some tasks which will always require a human touch.

The world-famous manufacturer has recently been forced to replace robots at its Sindelfingen plant with new human workers after it became apparent the robots were unable to cope with the demands of the work. The company’s S-Class saloon model is manufactured with a huge variety of different customisable features, which means the manufacturing and assembly process requires great flexibility and attention to detail. No matter how sophisticated robots may become, these are two areas where humans will always out-perform them.

As consumers have an ever-increasing number of vehicles to choose from and competition between manufacturers is increasing, customisation options are set to become more important than ever before. Simple mass-produced cars will be left behind as people seek vehicles that match their requirements more closely. This indicates that human employees will still have a crucial role to play, in many cases working side by side with robotic equipment and other technologies. By harnessing the efficiency of new technology and combining it with the human touch, the automotive industry can produce outstanding vehicles designed for specific preferences and continue to meet the evolving needs of consumers around the world.

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