Meeting the demand for skilled staff

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The automotive industry is currently experiencing a boom. For the beginning of 2015, the automotive industry has highlighted its resiliency and has delivered results that are incredibly impressive. In a thriving industry like this, there is always the need for highly qualified staff to fill in vacant positions. When manufacturers need to fill in their vacancies, they can depend on our team at John Gibson Associates to provide them with highly trained candidates.

When it comes to motor trade recruitment, we cut no corners. We offer a thorough recruitment service that benefits our clients immensely. We vet all candidates, getting to know their skills and ensuring that they are applying for a job that is right for them. If they are suitable, one of our recruitment staff and a company director will interview them directly, usually over Skype. This allows us to get a better feel for the candidate and to better gauge their skills and suitability for the vacancy. If they pass this interview, we pass them onto you so that you can interview them for yourself.

We visit our client’s workplace so we can understand what they need and what they are looking for in a candidate. Every candidate is interviewed personally and we offer recruiting on a regional scale. This means that, whatever your region, our professionals can provide you with extensive help and advice. We want to do all that we can to contribute to the success of our clients, something which remains a priority for our company. We were the first internet-driven automotive recruiters and we continue to innovate by providing our clients with a service hitherto unseen in the automotive industry.

For over a quarter of a century, we have been supplying the highest quality candidates to our clients. The manufacturing industry runs on fresh talent who can inject new ideas and who can adapt their skills to any number of challenges. We take great pride in meeting the needs of our clients and providing a motor trade recruitment service that is otherwise unmatched in the UK.