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The automotive industry in the UK received another boost recently when luxury sports car manufacturer McLaren revealed it would be creating 250 new jobs at its Woking factory. The company enjoyed an impressive 2015, announcing annual turnover of £475.5 million in June and experiencing rising demand for its vehicles. Last year they delivered 1,653 cars (with values ranging from £150,000 up to £900,000) to 30 countries around the world. Orders continue to arrive so the manufacturer made the move to invest in expanding their production. This means there will be some fantastic job opportunities in the coming year.

McLaren currently employs 1,500 people, a third of who work on the production line to produce around 14 finished vehicles each day. In order to meet demand a second shift is scheduled to start in February. The majority of the 250 automotive jobs will be created in production as a result, allowing the company to expand production to 20 vehicles per day. The move will also allow the manufacturer to reach their objective of getting the full model range into production.

McLaren is a high profile company and has built a strong reputation. They are well established in the UK, both at the Woking factory and further down the supply chain. More than half of the components that go into their vehicles are manufactured here in the UK rather than being imported. This means that their current success and expansion plans could have a knock on effect and lead other producers to create new jobs to keep up with the higher demand.

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