Mazda prepare to trial MyWay retail concept throughout the UK

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After trialling the concept for 2 years in London, Mazda Motor are ready to embark rolling it out to 5 retailers across the UK.

MyWay, which was developed in 2015, currently employs 10 “Brand Champions” who work to bring a high level of customer service and product knowledge to sales – similar to product geniuses that are used by brands such as BMW and Kia. The team work remotely across London bringing test drives to customers in their homes on a completely commission-free basis.

Since their launch the program has been responsible for 375 new-vehicle sales by allowing potential customers to arrange online to have a Brand Champion deliver a model of their chose to their home for a test drive. All sales discussion, finance agreement or purchase would be made at the customer’s home.

Now the successful MyWay concept is to be trialled across retail groups in the UK to influence existing retailers to offer something to customers which is a bespoke, face-to-face service. With the hope to roll the concept to the rest of the retail network.

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