Mazda increases customer base with aftersales support

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One of the key factors to achieving success in the automotive industry is aftersales business. Mazda have recently received praise for their aftersales customer retention, as the number of owners they have successfully retained after a transaction has increased from one to three in the last five years. The 10% increase reflects a clear focus in dealer networks to keep their customers.

A large portion of the dealer’s success is attributed to the use of Mazda Vantage Point throughout the last two years. The software programme was developed to target selected customers with bespoke marketing text messages and emails. Mazda Vantage Point enables the generation of focused communication at a fraction of the cost of printing and posting.

Since 2013, new car sales growth has increased to 60%, which means that there are 120,000 Mazdas on the UK roads and the demand for a quality aftersales service is high. Mazda’s new replacement parts facility is scheduled to become fully operational on April 1st and customers can expect the guaranteed overnight delivery of their replacement parts.

In the past, dealers had to wait for their parts to be delivered from Belgium which led to inconvenient delays due to problems at Calais. The brand new warehouse which has been constructed in Northamptonshire and can be found just off junction 18 on the M1 has already begun to provide brochure and pre-delivery inspection packs to dealers. The Belgium site will remain operational and provide the UK with a daily feed.

Although both centres are operated by Mazda Europe the Northamptonshire site has benefitted from a significant investment from Mazda UK. The new facility will provide a reliable and quality overnight service and ensure UK dealers swiftly receive the replacement parts and components they need.

Mazda has also joined forces with telephone answering service Moneypenny to ensure all telephone calls from customers are answered. This coincides with Mazda UK taking its own customer call centre in-house in an effort to focus completely on customer service. Mazda says that it now needs the best people available throughout the industry to complement its product and make a real difference to its future. We provide a recruitment service that aims to equip the automotive sector with qualified, professional and skilled candidates. If you are seeking new motor industry jobs, we can help, recruiting all types of staff from engineers to aftersales and management.