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Looks like some good news for a change, the new car market was up in January. However it was only up by 42 units so out of 128,000 that's not many, but an increase is an increase especially when you look at the figures in a bit more detail. The private market has been down by about 10% for most of the last 6 months (year on year) but fleet and business registrations have been ahead keeping the overall registration level near its expectations closing 2011 slightly up on 2010.

However in January the retail market was 2.7% ahead of January last year meaning in real retail dealership sales traffic terms the market has moved from about 10% behind to 2.7% ahead.

The Commercial market seems to be steadying with Van registrations down in Jan after many, many months of good solid increases with the truck market up again by 45%.

Everybody seems to be saying that 2012 will be a solid, market steadying year with confidence returning and more new and face lifted models to tempt customers into changing than has been seen for a very long time. The predictions then say that 2013 will be a great expansion year as confidence and the pent up demand from ordinary retail customers who have put off changing is released. 2013 Seems a long time away but its only just over 10 months off, now that's a scary thought !

The world of recruitment is getting busy. The first 2 weeks of January were quiet which is normal whilst people come back to work and sort out what the year ahead looks like. But for the last 3 weeks we have been very busy placing twice as many people as in the past 2 months, quite a few jobs that were put on hold in the latter part of last year are back on the agenda and new jobs are arriving every day.