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Our observations for the first half of the year were that the employment market was very fragile mainly due to uncertainty of the markets, compounded by financial issues in the USA together with the European debt crises. This was creating uncertainty with regard to the purchases of high value goods resulting in a knock on effect to the recruitment sector with candidates staying in roles to maintain job security and clients on holding back on recruitment as they continue to cut costs. We have however, since June, experienced a near normal activity level with many candidates coming onto the market as a result of either poor or over demanding staff management. Also as more of the provincial, owner operator sites have been taken over by larger dealer groups staff who have previously been long termers are finding themselves out of their comfort zone in the plc driven environment.

Notably there appears to have been a lot of pressure put onto Aftersales Managers as some of the pressure shifts from the sales dept, to generate more profit. This is demanding a very different management style which will come from individuals who are perhaps more commercially aware possessing business acumen and can display skill sets including & the ability to manage people and understand a set of management accounts. As we move toward the end of the third quarter, we sense an increasing concern as to whether businesses have the key people needed to pull the businesses through the difficult trading conditions. Our prediction is that once September is behind us we will find ourselves busy in assisting businesses reform there teams before the start of 2012. Good candidates will be in demand which positions JGA well, because we are trusted by our strongest candidates and should be able to respond quickly for senior appointment needs.

The skill pool will improve toward the end of the year, but candidates will be cautious if they are still employed and looking for a new opportunity. Good operators desire a high level of confidentiality which thankfully we are able to assist in that area.