March was a record month for car sales

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The recently released sales figures for March 2016 reflect the sustained level of success achieved in the automotive sector. Over half a million cars were sold during the month, with a recorded total 519,000. This is the highest number reached since August 1997. The news is both exceptional and encouraging for those looking for motor industry recruitment opportunities.

The high figure reached should be examined with the understanding that the new registration factor will have had a bearing on the total. The issuing of a new series of number plates in March and September each year usually accounts for a percentage of increased sales, as the new registration numbers contribute significantly to the value of the car being retained by the purchaser. However, we cannot say that this is the only contributing factor to the record level.

At the present time, conditions in the UK are conducive to buying a new car. Low fuel costs, a competitive insurance industry and equitable financing options make the purchase of a new car highly attractive. The motor trade has harnessed these conditions and built success by relying on a far more informed and considered approach to both car manufacturing and sales. In terms of automotive recruitment fulfilment, our unique services for motor industry jobs have contributed substantially. We are proud of the fact that we have helped countless businesses to find the skilled staff who have created the sustained success in the industry.

From a very broad perspective, it can be said that car manufacturing is far more efficient now than it was twenty years ago. It is also true that car sales, and after sales services, are a far better experience for consumers in this day and age that they were in the past. Having the right staff has been absolutely crucial to achieving this successful scenario.

While the very impressive performance of the automotive sector in March is worthy of celebrating, it’s important for all across the industry to use the numbers as a focus for progression. There is an old saying about how records exist to be broken, and the challenge of breaking this figure is a formidable one. By using our services to ensure that you have the best possible staff, you can boost your company’s chances of becoming even more successful in the future.