Manufacturing rates are rising in England and Wales

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The automotive sector in England and Wales has benefitted a great deal from businesses opting to reshore their operations. According to a report from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, 40% of manufacturers have already adopted this kind of strategy and an additional 20% are planning to follow suit in the next two years. The move will create many job opportunities and provide a significant boost to the economy.

The reshoring process involves moving manufacturing back to England and Wales rather than doing it overseas and importing the parts. The latter option previously offered an array of advantages for businesses including letting them benefit from lower wage rates in developing countries. The strategy is less viable now with labour costs rising in many areas.

By keeping manufacturing local, companies can reduce delivery and import charges, protect themselves against instability in other economies, and benefit from the advanced infrastructure that is in place. The close proximity also provides better opportunities to monitor the quality of the products and ensure they meet the right standards.

England and Wales are home to a huge number of automotive manufacturers, from large and well known brands to smaller specialists. There are niche businesses focused on producing very specific parts and larger companies who take on the whole process of producing and assembling finished vehicles. All of these can benefit from reshoring and keeping their operations close rather than having various aspects based overseas.

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