Manufacturing and engineering roles can be very diverse

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Manufacturing and engineering roles in the automotive industry are incredibly diverse because there are so many different components involved in vehicles. People can build a career specialising in a very specific area or take on a broader role to give themselves flexibility. In either case there are plenty of opportunities to find a job that meets your interests.

Lander Automotive is a fantastic example of the above. The company makes a wide array of products for vehicle manufacturers, including chassis components, airbag pipes and metal structures for seats. They cover a lot of bases but provide the same high quality across the board. The extensive product range they offer shows how diversely skilled the team is.

The company had enjoyed fantastic evolution over the years, expanding from a series of core services like welding, assembly and tube manipulation to the point where they now provide a huge selection of products. They currently employ 400 people at their purpose built facility in the West Midlands but this is set to change. Thanks to the expansion of their services they are planning to recruit an additional 180 apprentices over the next two years. This will be a great investment in their future workforce.

Apprenticeships are a fantastic recruitment option for companies in the automotive sector. They give the business the opportunity to invest in talent whilst also ensuring they are properly trained and get the benefit of working closely with an experienced member of their team.

At John Gibson Associates we been involved with automotive recruitment for many years and can help companies to choose the right method for them. We can explain the advantages of apprentices as well as the benefits that recruiting already skilled people can offer, helping clients to choose the right strategy. We strive to offer the highest level of service and always prioritise the needs of the client.

We are proud to help clients each step of the way when it comes to recruiting new staff. If you have questions or would like to arrange a consultation please contact us.