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If you ask any company in the UK motor industry what the one thing is that they have no shortage of, the answer will invariably be that it is they have a surplus of applicants for any and all positions they advertise. Automotive recruitment is increasingly becoming the biggest and most significant area of job and employment creation in the UK, with some 750,000 people employed in the sector. This is what makes the industry all the more attractive to job seekers and, as a consequence, makes it all the tougher for companies to quickly and efficiently find the best candidates for their advertised positions. Assistance is at hand, however, from the expert services of John Gibson Associates.

John Gibson Associates (JGA) have, for over twenty years, led the way in ensuring intelligent and effective automotive recruitment processes being in place for the industry. Their approach and methodology uses a more considered and involved approach than the straightforward, albeit important, consideration of skills and references. Not only is it our belief and prime principle that the personality and disposition of an employee must match the approach of an employer, but it is also our experience that this leads to the most successful and long term appointments being made.

Although it is has only been within the last decade that studies and experts have emphasised this, back in the 1980s the company founder John Gibson became aware of how the chemistry between employees and employers dramatically affected both service to clients as well as the success and growth of the business. Through experience he discovered that a motor service company could go out of their way to hire the best mechanic in the world, but if the outlook and approach between employer and employee clashed then poor performance was going to be the inevitable conclusion.

To avoid this, John Gibson brought about a holistic approach to automotive recruitment strategies. Beyond assessing skills and references, JGA conduct personality and suitability tests. These indicate in which area of the automotive industry a candidate is best suited to, as well as presenting a clear picture of which sort of environment they would be most likely to flourish. This approach has facilitated many long lasting, key and senior appointments in the industry as well as standard or entry level positions.

The success JGA has achieved has led to the company being approached to exclusively advertise and find candidates for positions within some of the most prestigious, leading names in the automotive industry. With the company operating across the whole of the UK, JGA are the prime choice for employers and job-seekers looking to attain the most rewarding automotive recruitment experience.