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As we have discussed, the success of the British motor industry over the last few years has been largely attributed to huge improvements in recruitment processes. In order to reach success, it is vital to make sure companies employ the very best staff from the perspective of both their skills and their approach to the job. However, getting the right people into the right motor trade jobs is only part of the requirements. It is just as essential to get consistently excellent performance from staff, and to ensure that management positions are held by the most suitable people available.

When we consider previous failings in the field of recruitment for motor industry jobs, the worst practices were often found in management appointments. Before our services became available during the 1980s, people were often appointed to management positions purely on the basis of length of time served with a company. This is a deeply flawed approach, and the prevalence of this practise saw many automotive businesses fail purely because of a lack of the necessary level of management and leadership.

While developing staff within a company on a career path towards management is usually successful, it is a mistake to simply equate the time served in a company with suitability for management positions. Often, it is a much better decision to bring in a new staff member for a management position. This can help automotive companies to stimulate growth and continue to deliver success.

Over the last few years, our services have been called on to ensure the successful appointment of managers in many key positions. Whether it is in the capacity of sales, production or repair and services, managers are responsible for ensuring optimal results are achieved from staff. This is vital to ensuring the business is a success as a whole.

Whether you are a business in the British motor industry seeking the perfect recruit for a management position, or you are a leading candidate keen to develop a career in automotive management we are the choice to represent you.