Making your company stand out in a competitive market

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Hiring new members of staff can be a challenging prospect, whether the role is on the shop floor or in the boardroom. If you make the wrong recruitment decision, there could be many adverse consequences to deal with. You should never rush into a decision; instead make sure you have enough time to consider the role, find out what each applicant has to offer and decide who is the best fit.

One crucial thing to ask yourself before you recruit someone is whether you can see this candidate progressing, growing and maturing within your company. These are the kinds of employees that will help your business to innovate and change over time. The best candidates are those you can mark early on as having potential for the future.

You should look closely at each candidate, not just their skills and experience. You could hire someone with the best CV and find they are not the right fit. You should make sure they share the values and beliefs of your company as well as other important aspects of their character. If you don’t look at these factors you run the risk of hiring someone who may cause friction with existing staff or other problems down the line.

A stumbling block that many businesses encounter is failure to sell themselves appropriately. Job seekers will always naturally gravitate towards big businesses they are familiar with. This can create problems for smaller companies looking to compete for the best talent. The most effective way to overcome this is to let people know how good it is to work for you. For recruitment success companies need to put as much effort into promoting themselves as prospective candidates do.

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