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The automotive industry in the UK is presently enjoying a sustained period of success and growth. A consequence of this is the high level of competition between companies and businesses operating in the sector. At no point have consumers had so much freedom of choice when it comes to buying cars and having them serviced or repaired. In response, businesses know that lower prices will only work so far in attracting market share, with superior service levels being a significant factor for attracting and keeping customers. Delivering superior service is only possible if you are hiring superior staff. We are proud to have the reputation of helping some of the most prominent companies in the industry get the staff they need to achieve these superior service level performances.

Our outlook and approach to motor industry jobs has always been based on an understanding that the personality of a potential employee is of the same importance as their skills and abilities. Up until our formation in 1987, the automotive industry was littered with cases of the most talented staff in the field falling short of expectations in the jobs they were appointed to. In most cases, the fault lay with the fact that only skills and experience were considered, with the person’s values, personality and the way they interacted with the dynamics of the company being ignored.

Our founder, John Gibson, identified this flaw in the accepted process for motor trade recruitment, and established the company to address it. The effect of this can be seen far and wide in the automotive sector today, with the great success in sales and exports being built on a foundation of long-term, considered and high quality staff appointments. We are proud of our position of being at the forefront of changing industry thinking in terms of how job appointments were made, just as it is with pride that we continue to give our services to companies and candidates in the sector.

Whether you are a company looking to advertise motor trade jobs or are a talented, skilled automotive industry worker seeking a career, we are the people who can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We are dedicated to doing all we can to assure the long term sustainability of the British automotive industry and we know it can only be achieved through assured, mutually beneficial appointments being made. With our services on board you are certain of making the most significant appointments possible to bring continued success.