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What really rattles you about looking for a job?

Back some years ago I fell victim to one of the Motor Industry’s re-organisations and found myself in the job market for the first time in my career.

In those days the only source of vacancy advertisements were newspapers, so diligently I scoured the job vacancies for something that would fit the bill, prepared my CV and I always composed a letter relevant to the position advertised, then I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited! So I called, and called, and called! The silence was deafening, and depressing, and de-motivating, and unnecessary, its cause was unprofessional and uncaring, to the point of being deliberately cruel. Someone, somewhere dealing with the position was so important and their ego so inflated, that common courtesy was beneath them, in truth they were so incompetent at their job they were a liability not an asset to their employer!

I believe that an applicant’s quality is illustrated in the way they conduct themselves in making their application, and conversely a good quality employer will demonstrate its value as an employer by reciprocating, dealing with all applicants, even the unsuccessful ones, in a professional, timely and sensitive way. I hope that our dealings with candidates, is driven by my memories, my treatment was a disgrace and I would consider myself to have failed sadly if we were guilty of this type of behaviour.

Let me have your thoughts and experiences.

John Gibson
Managing Director
[email protected]