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March marked the 10th National Apprenticeships Week, bringing together apprentices and employers from all over England. The event was designed to celebrate the work that was ongoing in terms of encouraging more people to consider apprenticeships as a way into their chosen career. It was particularly important this year with the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy and the Government targeting the creation of three million additional apprentices by 2020.

One of the big things that came out of the week in regards to automotive recruitment was the importance of looking beyond passion. Although it is great to be passionate about vehicles when choosing a career in the industry it is not the only thing that employers should focus on. If they do, they could find themselves choosing the wrong candidate or missing out on a wider audience of prospective candidates.

Instead of placing such a big weight on passion businesses could be better off appealing to prospective apprentices who are ambitious and looking for engaging roles. The automotive industry can offer these positions, whether the career is to be hands-on or focus on after-sales or customer support.

Currently there are thousands of vacancies available in the automotive industry in the UK due to candidate shortages. Many of these could be filled by apprentices if employers were to expand their focus and recruit more effectively.

At John Gibson Associates our focus since we first set out has been to help businesses make appointments as efficiently and effectively as possible. Automotive recruitment is our chosen area of specialism and we are confident we can support each and every client.

With our help clients can create a recruitment strategy that works for them. We are immensely flexible and understand that each business has their own unique criteria to meet. Our focus will be on these from the start, ensuring we provide the right support.

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