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The US Department of Energy (DOE) recently compiled information about automotive jobs around the world. What makes the data interesting is it looks at them by vehicle type, i.e. the fuel they are powered by. They examined both motor vehicle manufacturers and parts producers. Jobs related to supporting the vehicles themselves were included with manufacturing.

The data shows that the vast majority of jobs remain focused on creating and supporting vehicles associated with gasoline and diesel. Manufacturing was ahead with over 990,000 jobs; parts came slightly behind at over 924,000. Jobs building vehicles powered by alternative fuels were less than a quarter of internal combustion engine (ICE). The story with parts sees an even wider gap between the number of jobs involved in creating parts for ICE vehicles and those associated with alternative fuels.

What the data does show though is that the number of automotive jobs being created that involve alternative fuels is rising at a remarkable rate. Although gasoline and diesel power remain prominent there are many alternatives being explored, including hybrid, fully electric vehicles, natural gas, and even hydrogen and specific fuel cells. All of this research and development is creating roles.

An interesting aspect of the data is that the number of jobs associated with creating parts for natural gas vehicles is higher than the number of roles in manufacturing. It is the only fuel type where it occurs. This showcases the amount of effort needed to create parts for the vehicles and could be an indication of why they have not become so widely utilised.

The data is interesting and shows that although the market is still dominated by ICE there is a lot of effort going into pursuing alternative fuels. This will continue into the future as technology develops and people look for more sustainable power sources.

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