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The launch of Automechanika Birmingham occurred between 6th and 8th June 2016. It proved to be an incredible success, attracting over 12,000 visitors during the course of the event. With 600 leading exhibitors showing off their products and technology it was a really fantastic chance for people to share information and ideas.

Automechanika events are held all around the world. At the last count they were hosted in 15 separate countries and attracted over 600,000 guests. The Birmingham one was the first to be held in the UK. It was also the first to invite companies from the supply chain and aftermarket, expanding the focus to cover the wider industry.

The success of the 2016 event has seen work start already for next year. Around 500 exhibitors have already signed up to take part. The number is expected to expand over the coming months, resulting in 1,000 or more participating. For 2017 the exhibition space is being expanded by an impressive 35% to make room for even more stands. Alongside this there will be a designated area for businesses from across the supply chain, including tyre providers.

The supply chain and aftermarket industries in the UK automotive market are highly regarded. Together they contribute approximately £16.5 billion to the economy and support over 400,000 motor industry jobs. Shows like Automechanika showcase the great work done in each and help the people involved in them to build relationships. This can ultimately lead to even more developments and the creation of extra roles.

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