London Taxi Company to create mass employment opportunities

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Due to a £250 million investment by the London Taxi Company, we will see the creation of 1000 new motor industry jobs at a Coventry plant. The owner of the company has embarked on an ambitious plan to export low emission vehicles, and the plant will serve as the home of the organisation’s research, development and assembly operations, including the manufacture of electric and ultra-low emission black cabs.

Construction of the plant will begin in June and production is scheduled to begin as early as April 2017. The existing plant, also located in Coventry, is set to shut down completely after 70 years and its 240 strong workforce will transfer to the new purpose built facilities. We are seeing the emergence of a whole new market for black cabs due to changing low-emission regulations on a global scale.

At present, the company’s annual production is approximately 2,000 but the new plant will facilitate the manufacture of 36,000 black cabs every year. The plans are yet another reflection of the thriving automotive industry and spell good news for the broader UK economy. Not only will the development create more employment; it will demonstrate the idea that the UK is once again open for business. The black cab industry is iconic all around the world, and the plans will ensure a state of the art facility for the next generation. 2017 will see the launch of a brand new version of the black cab in the UK with the vehicle reaching international markets by 2018.

The plans will focus on the design and production of a car that complies with new rules that require a reduction in the level of emissions allowed from taxis from 2018 onwards. The new vehicles will boost employment figures and secure the long-term future of the cab industry as well as ensure residents and visitors to the capital will breathe cleaner air.

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