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Modern cars contain a high level of electrical and computer components. They have become so integral to the performance and features of a vehicle that today it seems hard to believe that cars ever existed without them. For example, many of today’s young and new drivers will find it difficult to imagine winding the windows up and down with a handle rather than simply pressing a button.

With higher levels of electronics in today’s cars, considerably more electrical and computer skills are required in mechanics. In the world of motor industry jobs, the function of an auto electrician was once broadly limited to ensuring the fuses were correctly installed, with the wiring for the lights and radio working correctly. While those functions are of course still important, it’s now the case that virtually every part of a car relies on the correct functioning of electrical and computer components. For this reason, MET technicians have become extremely valuable to garages and workshops throughout the country.

MET stands for Mechanical & Electrical Trim. Trained MET technicians take responsibility for the inspection, testing, repair and replacement of all electrical components within a vehicle. To succeed they must have a deep understanding of all such components, know how they integrate with the rest of the car and be able to identify when they need to be repaired or replaced.

The complete servicing or repair of a car is no longer possible without the involvement of a MET technician. The value of this job is reflected in the competitive salary which the position offers. Whereas the official guidelines suggest that a qualified MET technician can expect an entry level per annum salary starting from £20,000, the demand for this skill means that in reality remuneration is typically higher. For example, the prestige MET technician positions we represent very rarely offer a salary below £25,000.

If you are of a technical mind and have great confidence with electrical components, working as a MET technician offers a fulfilling and rewarding career. While we have no doubt at all that the automotive industry will always have a requirement for mechanics and engineers, there is no avoiding the fact that an understanding of electronics and computer systems is becoming increasingly vital to these roles. Those who have already qualified as MET technicians will find that the most rewarding and prominent career opportunities in this specialist sector are represented by our automotive recruitment services.