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At seminars and business development courses one of the most popular phrases they use and teach is “train skill, hire character”. Whilst some job positions – particularly in the automotive recruitment sector – require new employees to have the skills the job requires prior to being appointed, there is a great deal of truth in that phrase. Skill and experience are important, of course, but over the years companies have become increasingly aware of just how valuable the character of the people they employ is. If an employee can blend in to a working environment and share the values of the company, this quality is of the same level of importance as the skills they possess. This view has informed all our work since we were formed in 1987, and we take great pride in the fact that it has become so widely adopted as an approach.

Through early adoption of these values, we are considered by many to be leaders in the field of the intelligent use of personality tests. The tests we run are not ones that candidates “pass” or “fail” in any sort of traditional sense, but rather produce results which show in which sector of automotive recruitment they are most likely to succeed, and indicate with which companies they are likely to deliver the most mutually rewarding performance levels. For example, running a test to find out if a candidate would be good at sales is pretty straightforward. Conducting tests to find out in which circumstances a candidate would get the best sales results, however, is a far more complex and comprehensive undertaking. This is the level of detail and dedication that we bring to automotive recruitment.

Over the last decade the British automotive industry has benefited greatly from our approach. We have made it possible for companies to make long-lasting, successful appointments with the most suitable candidates, which has led to greater stability in the industry, with reliable and predictable staff patterns allowing companies a foundation to plan for success. This has facilitated increases in every element of the British car and automotive industry, from a rise in car sales right through to the growth of exports. Better informed employment decisions have delivered ever greater levels of success.

Our company is regarded as the number one name for ensuring mutually beneficial appointments take place when it comes to automotive recruitment. With us, candidates know they are only ever recommended for positions where they will fit in, whilst companies trust us to ensure we provide potential employees who have both the talents and the personalities they are looking for. Our services have brought great success to some of the most prestigious companies in the industry and to some of the most prominent people working in it. We are committed to continuing our high levels of success.