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Just how important automotive jobs are to the British economy is something represented by the amount of people employed in the industry. With over 40,000 new jobs created in the sector over the last year, the total number of people employed by the motor industry in the United Kingdom exceeds 750,000. There has been a month on month increase in the number of automotive sector jobs advertised and in June this reached a record amount. The fact three quarters of a million people are employed in the field speaks of the demand globally there is for British excellence and quality in motor industry related matters, as well as giving a clear indication of why so many seek to gain employment in automotive jobs. Those seeking employment in the motor industry – whether they are new to the workforce or are seasoned professionals looking for a career move – can significantly enhance their prospects for success by using the services of John Gibson Associates (JGA) in their search for a suitable position.

Established in 1987, JGA were the first and remain the foremost organization dedicated to ensuring successful and mutually beneficial automotive industry recruitment placements. The motor industry was notoriously characterised – if not plagued – by short term, unsuccessful selection of candidates to fill vacancies in automotive jobs until John Gibson transformed the approach taken by companies operating within it. John Gibson identified that appointments were being made purely on a cursory consideration of skills, with no attention being paid to more holistic values as to if candidates would be a good fit with their business. This approach was brought to the industry by JGA, and has led to far more successful and highly satisfactory appointments being made.

In addition to a thorough and comprehensive check of qualifications and experiences, JGA also conduct personality and disposition tests for all candidates looking for employment in automotive jobs. These are of course tests that candidates do not “pass” or “fail” in the traditional sense. It is the case, rather, that these tests construct a more complete and considered image of candidates. This means that they can be recommended for positions in companies that match their outlook, approach, values and personalities in addition to providing the desired, sought after skills required. Taking these important factors into consideration allows for far more successful, longer lasting and prosperous employment appointments being made.

The track record JGA has for providing outstanding candidates for consideration in respect of automotive jobs has seen many of the leading motor industry companies use them exclusively for finding staff rather than advertising via conventional means. Those who are seeking the most appropriate and prestigious of positions in the motor industry need to enlist the services of JGA to ensure they can secure the ideal career for them to pursue.