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The motor industry has seen substantial growth in the last few years, and the result of success in any sector is a demand for employees with excellent skills and abilities. We understand that not only do you seek the most talented team, but a motivation to succeed as individuals is hugely beneficial as the most driven employees consistently prove to be assets to your business. When we formed in 1987 we had a very clear vision. We were frustrated by the lack of adequate recruitment processes within the industry and we specifically set out to rectify this.

The births of most successful organisations are not typically the result of an isolated event or single moment, but rather a culmination of several elements. For our company it was a meeting of minds. There were various individuals that needed to see positive changes and the recognition of the void was the inspiration behind our formation. We knew that the search for talent and appropriate candidates for automotive jobs was in desperate need of coherent and focused structure.

The service we provide has revolutionised the motor trade recruitment industry, and it is based on comprehensive consideration when sourcing potential candidates for automotive jobs. It is of great importance that your potential employees possess not only the required technical skills, qualifications and experience but we also place great stock in assessing who people are. We always aim to place people that are more likely to understand and adapt to the internal logic and culture of a particular organisation. It is our job to secure successful professional relationships that have years of productive longevity ahead of them.

There was a time when candidates and employers were battling a lacklustre recruitment process that implemented next to no official techniques in order to secure the right results. This process consisted of CV shuffling and no interview stage which ensured that unsuitable candidates were being sent to interview for positions they did not belong in. We take a proactive approach to our work that involves a visit to your location in order to assess your precise needs.

The automotive industry is extremely competitive, which is why we take every step to authenticate each candidate and match the right person to the right company. We specialise in the recruitment of only the highest calibre professionals and our skills, experience and instincts guarantee our capabilities. We are a team of motor industry experts that understand every complexity and aspect of the sector. We have clear insight into the requirements of automotive jobs. Our recruitment process will always afford you every opportunity to locate the high quality individuals that will contribute to the continued success of your business.