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Over the course of three decades, we at John Gibson Associates (JGA) have proudly become the leaders in the world of delivering the needs of motor trade jobs to a level which exceeds the expectations of both employers and potential, successful candidates for positions. At JGA our focus is on automotive recruitment excellence, ensuring that only the best and most appropriate of potential employees are presented to the distinguished, prestigious businesses and companies within the automobile industry; many of whom use our services exclusively to advertise and fulfil vacancies.

Prior to John Gibson forming the company in the 1980s, those companies in the industry looking to hire staff – be it in sales, support, service or manufacture – had no choice but to take something of a “hit and miss” approach, selecting staff that ‘seemed’ correct and hoping that this was the case. This was satisfactory neither to businesses or employees. Most worryingly, however, it was clients and customers who were adversely affected, with the wrong staff being more likely to give poor service, the nature of which all the more likely to deliver reputation damage. JGA was formed to ensure this was entirely averted, providing the means for businesses to flourish with the correct staff in place, with superior service ensuring high levels of client satisfaction.

Our acute and intrinsic understanding of all aspects of the industry affords us the ability to deliver a complete solution in respect of addressing motor trade jobs. In evaluating potential candidates for any position within the automotive industry – from entry level work to prominent, executive placements – we apply screening, psychometric testing, personality profiling and involved, face-to-face interviews (either in person or via Skype when this is not possible) to build up an image of the person. This allows us to ascertain if an individual is not only up to the level of performance the position applies for requires, but also gives great insight into whether or not they will be a good match for the values, principles and ideals of the company offering the vacancy.

This approach from JGA ensures that only strong and mutually beneficial appointments occur in respect of motor trade jobs. We provide the company candidates that have been shown to meet both the skills and desired personality traits sought, whilst those seeking employment have provided for them the extra confidence of knowing that our expert services have endorsed them as being highly likely to succeed in the position. Utilising our services is the most effective way to ensure your company attracts only the best staff to go forward and stimulate business growth.