Lamborghini Urus to be revealed in Italy today

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The Italian firm will be launching its first SUV model in the newly expanded Sant’Agate Bolognese factory later today. The Urus is predicted to become Lamborghini’s best-selling model, and it has been suggested that the supercar maker’s sales may double to 7,000 units by 2019.

The introduction of a new SUV model aims to expand their customer base and attract those who would never have considered the brand previously, due to the fact that previous Lamborghini models are not typically for everyday use.

Lamborghini have released a series of photographs and short videos in the run-up to the big reveal, showing off the Urus’ advanced technical features and stylish detailing. The vehicle boasts active anti-roll suspension technology similar to those of the Bentley Bentayga and the Audi Q7, alongside an innovative traction control system with a number of settings including snow, sand and dirt.

It is said that the Urus range will feature the brand’s first plug-in hybrid powertrain, and will be the only hybrid in the Lamborghini line-up for a few years yet.

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