Kia to introduce 48v mild-hybrid diesel technology

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Kia has recently announced it will produce a mild-hybrid engine to its new range towards the latter half of 2018.

Mild-Hybrid is becoming increasingly popular within the automotive industry, appearing in the Renault Scenic, several Suzuki Swift models and soon Audi A8.

The system will incorporate a 48V battery along with a starter generator unit in aims to reduce emissions of its diesel line-up and improve performance. The electric motor will add 10kW – 135bhp – to boost performance under harder acceleration and also add extra assistance under part throttle loads to take most of the strain off the internal combustion engine. This means that when decelerating, the inverter switches and current of the motor will effectively be able to turn in to a generator to support the 0.46Wh battery.

The benefit of this is that the start/stop system can be extended which will further help the fuel demands of the car.

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