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Boxing Day web boost for dealers

Dealers have been urged to prepare for an uplift in website traffic immediately after Christmas.
Data from Motors.co.uk last year showed a “dramatic” uplift in visits from potential used car buyers from Boxing Day onwards.
The classified website said the fall in online visits to used car portals is a shallow one, lasting between 23rd and 25th December before bouncing back strongly on Boxing Day.

Dermot Kelleher, head of research and marketing at Motors.co.uk, said: “Traditionally, dealers have seen the period between Christmas and New Year as dead time in retail terms, as customers are unlikely to be attracted by icy roads and frozen forecourts.
“However, the rules of retail have now been turned upside down, with buyers increasingly using mobile and tablet devices to research potential cars before arriving at the dealership.”

Motors.co.uk advised dealers to:
•secure advertising budgets based on a payment per click (PPC) – which is particularly good value over the Boxing Day period
•target mobile phone / tablet searches with mobile-friendly ads
•ensure dealerships are adequately manned to take advantage of online and physical enquiries