Jobs in the motor trade can change dramatically over time

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The motor trade offers more career opportunities in different disciplines than almost any other industry. People can work in everything from manufacturing to marketing, sales to supply. It is that diverse and the array of job seekers it attracts reflects it.

In terms of supply, logistics is incredibly crucial to the success of the industry. Without the right infrastructure and reliable people to handle the transportation of vehicles, components, and other products the performance would be much different.

There have been two big changes in the logistics sector over the last few years. The sheer number of vehicles that need moving has increased substantially. This has been caused by production reaching such a high level and the second hand market continuing to grow. Millions of vehicles and countless parts and components all need to be transported every year.

Alongside this there have been changes in requirements for vehicle storage, PDI (pre-delivery inspection) and distribution. The PDI has seen arguably the biggest change, seeing more demand for inspections at ports of entry. This practice can save a great deal of time for dealers and reduce the distances that vehicles need to travel. It does create more tasks for the logistics providers and their staff though, expanding the scope of the jobs.

The above is a great example of how exciting a career in the motor trade can be. Roles can change a great deal over time as a result of the demands of businesses, consumers, and technology too.

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