JLR is planning to create thousands of new motor trade jobs

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Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) recently set out its plans for the UK for the next twelve months. In a time when political instability is causing some concerns, the automotive giant has shown their confidence in the area. They plan to create 5,000 new motor trade jobs across their facilities in England, taking their total workforce to over 45,000 worldwide.

Of the new jobs around 1,000 of them will be for electronic and software engineers. JLR is planning to release more electric vehicles in the future and is investing in their facilities and workforce to allow this. In fact it is believed that more than 50% of the new models will have an electric version thus the huge demand for specialists with knowledge of electronics and software.

The recruitment process for the new motor trade jobs is expected to begin over the next year. JLR are looking at ways they can attract the most talented people to take up the roles. As well as traditional methods of applying for jobs they are also planning to use a smartphone application. This gives potential applicants more opportunities to use the most appropriate method of applying for them.

Those who choose to apply via smartphone applications will find themselves undertaking a very interactive and engaging process. As part of this there will be a number of challenges to complete that will require them to display skills such as problem solving, persistence, and lateral thinking. As a result the company will be able to find out more about prospective applicants.

This new recruiting process is designed to help fast-track the most promising job seekers. It will also help JLR to deal with some of the challenges in the market such as high demand for talent and low supply.

Jaguar Land Rover has enjoyed a record year when it comes to sales. Demand from North America and China has been very high as both markets have increased the number of luxury cars being purchased. The prospects for the future of the company are good; that is why they are planning to create so many new motor trade jobs.