JLR announced plans to create thousands of new motor industry jobs

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Jaguar Land Rover recently followed Nissan in reaffirming its commitment to operating and investing in the UK. The automotive giant plans to double production and expand its workforce between now and 2020. Their aim is to reach the point where they are manufacturing 1 million vehicles per year in the UK for export all around the world.

The headline figure from the news is that the move could see the creation of up to 10,000 new motor industry jobs. The new roles would be varied, including a number based around the production of electric vehicles and the cutting edge batteries that power them. JLR hopes to make the UK the global leader in this field.

The news comes after very positive figures for the performance of the motor industry in the UK. According to them retail sales are currently rising at their fastest rate for the entire year. Exports have risen by 0.7%, driven by the value of the pound. Investment in the sector has also been incredibly healthy, rising sharply in the 3 months following the EU referendum.

The Autumn Statement made good reading for the motor industry in the UK too. In it the Government committed to investing £390 million in the sector to support developments. Jaguar Land Rover and other companies will all benefit from this.

Over the next few years we could expect to see new motor industry jobs being created all throughout the supply chain. Large manufacturers like Jaguar Land Rover and Nissan expanding their production will create demands for more parts from their suppliers. This will potentially lead them to needing to recruit to keep up with these demands. Additionally there will be more need for everything from transport drivers to storage and vehicle preparation specialists.

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