JGA delivers by providing an effective answer to all automotive hiring requirements

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Hiring personnel for motor industry jobs can often be a substantially difficult task, in particular if you do not have an in-house human resources department to coordinate and carry out the job. Finding the perfect candidate is a challenging process, and one which must be done correctly to ensure success, otherwise it can become a frustrating experience. Without the right strategies in place, it is unlikely that the right candidate will simply step in and dazzle with their talents and skills.

There are many characteristics one should look for when candidates wishing to add a value to your company present themselves. John Gibson Associates was established to provide an answer to this common problem faced by businesses in the automotive industry. We specialise in providing a complete candidate sourcing service, making the process simple and effective.

We are a different type of hiring agency, specifically dedicated to the motor and automotive industry, and led by a team of HR and automotive experts. We’ll search our database for the best candidates, as well as post your company’s vacancy to interested applicants. From then onwards, we will carefully evaluate each submitted application, interview those who are interested and select the right person for motor industry jobs. The placement is guaranteed for six months for your convenience, meaning that if someone simply isn’t the right fit, we will find someone else for you.

To sum our services up, you can consider JGA to be the bridge that provides a connection to  bring like minded people together, in an effort to create lasting and mutually beneficial professional relationships. There are numerous ways to get in touch and get one step closer to hiring the right candidate for your company. Our head offices are located in the beautiful city of work, however we count with hiring specialists all over the country. Simply check our ‘Contact’ page to find your closest agent who will gladly bring you their assistance.