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It’s All About Good Service…

What qualities do you look for when choosing a broadband provider, mobile phone network or break down cover…? Do you want an exceptional level of customer service, a provider who knows what they’re talking about and speaks your language? In short the best deal for you.

How many advertisements do you see every day from countless companies who claim to offer the best value for money, provide every customer with the personal touch and a level of service that you expect – not just on a one off basis but time and time again.
This is where common sense and trusting your instinct proves to be the best way to determine anyone who provides you with a service. You need to consider all the factors. Does a company deliver exactly what they say it does? Are they always on hand to speak to you? And just as important, do you feel as though your business is valued and you’ve received a good customer experience?

When dealing with any company, you want to speak to someone who understands what you need, someone who gives the best advice and assistance if you have any enquiry or problem. Not only that, you want them to be readily available, whether its on the phone, by email or even better – face to face. Wouldn’t you feel like a more valued customer if a company took the time and made the effort to get to know you and your needs, even if it was just popping in for a quick chat and a coffee? Imagine if your local Bank Manager offered that level of service! You’d never look to change your account again!

Deciding the right Recruitment Consultancy is a like choosing any other service provider – but you also need to consider that you will be entrusting them with the future success of your business or even your future career.
Most Recruitment Consultancies claim that they give you the best value for money, have a thousand years’ experience and provide National coverage on a local basis. But how many can actually back those up with evidence? Not many.

John Gibson Associates have been established for over 20 years, have a network of genuine regional offices run by Motor Trade Professionals and continuously set the standards and place high calibre candidates right across the Automotive Sector. We take the time to get to know our Candidates and Clients so we know we are perfectly placed to offer these levels of service – we make them part of our core beliefs.

Contact John Gibson Associates today and see how working alongside the Automotive Recruiter of the Year will benefit your future success.