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We all question the integrity of the media, how stories are “sexed up” to add sensationalism to an otherwise mediocre story, we see this as journalistic licence to sell papers, get us to watch or listen to one news channel over another.

The cynicism this propagates however vaporises when the reporting reinforces our own view, or mind set. Economic uncertainty provides fertile soil for this pesky weed, it turns ignoramuses into authorities, those who forecast doom, gloom and pestilence are in their element, they can’t lose. If their prophecies’ materialise it’s “I told you so”, if a positive result prevails it’s “ You were lucky”.

There is always greater success for those who start from the premise of success, rather than fear of failure, who start with the yes factor, for them luck has nothing to do with it, to quote a wise man “Success is all down to luck, ask any failure”.

This premise of success reflects well in the job market, no one ever complained their way into a job, or succeeded in it through apathy , attitude determines altitude; not what the media tell us, that’s just for the excuse hungry, easily manipulated failures.

The headlines may shout about recession, because bad news sells papers to those who revel in it, and have thrown in the towel. The smart cookies seek out the story on page eleven that Mercedes Benz have just announced that they have just sold more cars in one month than any other month in their 125 year history, Rolls Royce orders are up 60% on last year and they see opportunity on the horizon.

So forget the media’s agenda, set your own. If people ask what planet you are on, thank God it’s not the same one as them!