Is Time management a myth?

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One of the most common things that owners and managers say is that there is not enough time to do all that is has to be done in a day. Time is our most precious commodity and the one thing, that if wasted, we cannot get back.
But is it the lack of time or is it time not well spent? It is easy to be side tracked when faced with a task that is unappealing. So what can be done?

Top time tips

According to John Standaloft, a high performance business and executive coach, it's not time that you need to manage. It's the CHOICES you make that YOU need to manage. The most successful business people and elite athletes know how to invest their time most effectively by choosing well. How?

•Get clear and confident about what really matters to you
•How and What questions get more done than Why questions
•Take time to stop and think – and plan
•Shift your focus from 'spending time ' to 'investing time'
•Create clear boundaries for others and yourself
•Don't solve every problem, just the important ones
•Avoid distractions like constantly checking your emails
•Do you say yes, when you want to say no? And vice versa?
•Take ownership – you make the decisions you choose
•Focus on progress and not perfection

Most importantly, remember that if you want to get different results you have to change your behaviour. Wherever you place your attention, your energy will follow. Recognise that your thoughts become your reality, so pay close attention to what you are thinking, and if your thoughts are negative

"can't do" ones -CHANGE THEM! It is YOUR CHOICE about what you think.
"Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." George Bernard Shaw.