Investments can create as well as preserve motor trade jobs

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We regularly report on investments being made by companies in the motor trade and how they can create new jobs. On a number of occasions though funds are invested in a site to help preserve existing roles and improve the services that are offered. This kind of investment is just as vital to the success and longevity of the sector.

A project that will preserve motor trade jobs is the £1.7 million upgrade to the JCT600 Mercedes dealership in Harrogate. The investment will see the old outdated building extended on to a site adjacent to the current one, adding an extra acre, and involve extensive renovation and modernisation. The work will protect the 44 strong workforce at the dealership.

The investment is interesting because the project itself has faced a number of obstacles. The existing site is in the Crimple Valley Special Landscape Area, a protected location where development is restricted. The Grade II listed viaduct is also in close proximity. Both of these have caused delays but permission has now been granted for work to take place.

The plans for the site will see the creation of a modern, customer focused dealership filled with the latest technology. It will be as environmentally friendly as possible, utilising several low cost and sustainable energy systems. These include LED lighting and a wireless management system.

The customer focus can be seen in the multitude of facilities that will be available on the site. There will be a comfortable lounge for vehicle handovers, an internet cafe, and even a zone specifically for children. The latter will include a game station and iPads to keep them entertained while you wait.

At John Gibson Associates we are passionate about motor trade jobs and make them the focus of our extensive recruiting services. We always love seeing news articles about new investments that will create roles and preserve them. Both of these show how healthy the industry is and can highlight the opportunities it offers for careers.