Investment in skills will bring new jobs

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2014 was an excellent year for the automotive industry, particularly in the UK, where sales of new vehicles continued to rise and the used car market strengthened further. Many large manufacturers including Aston Martin have already started recruiting additional staff to help cater for demand. Others like Jaguar are planning to hire in the near future as they consider launching new models of vehicles and building them here. There is much optimism for 2015 and the sector is expected to grow even stronger.

With the expected rise in motor trade recruitment there is also a worry about whether there is a suitable pool of candidates with the right skills in the UK. Automotive manufacturing can be very specialised, especially when you consider the modern eco-friendly technologies that are being incorporated into the majority of new vehicles. Producers need to hire the best people to ensure they can continue to make the best automobiles they can.

To help bridge the gap and give manufacturers the chance to recruit the talented personnel they need, new funding has been offered through partnerships between the Government and some of the largest manufacturers. Over £30 million will be available to provide training and other educational services. A number of producers in the UK will be looking to offer apprenticeships so they can train young staff and invest in them.

Much of the new funds will be used to help improve the quality of engineering skills and encourage more people to take up niche roles. An apprenticeship is the best for training people in specialist roles because it allows your experienced members of staff to share their knowledge and inspire the right work ethic in younger members of the team.

Motor trade jobs are always in very high demand in the UK because the sector has a great reputation for giving its staff opportunities and work satisfaction. Not many industries give people the chance to contribute towards technological advancements that can improve the world around them. With even more focus on green technologies in vehicles, this is an exciting time to be involved in automotive manufacturing, design and R&D, and with our skills in motor trade recruitment, we can help you to find the perfect positions.