Investment in logistics in the UK creates motor trade jobs

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In the past we have written a number of stories about growth in the motor industry in the UK. The market is enjoying a great period and seeing investment all throughout the supply chain, from manufacturing to assembly, serving to sales. Many of these investments result in the creation of new motor trade jobs.

Logistics is also seeing huge growth. This is due to two crucial facts. Firstly is that vehicles made here are exported all around the world. Secondly new car sales are performing incredibly well, seeing increased imports as companies look to keep up with demand.

One area that has benefitted in particular from increased logistics is Grimsby. The area is crucial in terms of vehicle shipping and is home to a number of roll-on roll-off facilities. These are used for several reasons, including preparing cars before they are shipped overseas and prior to delivery to dealerships.

A number of huge investments have already been made in the Grimsby area. Kia was first with their £20 million facility in Stallingborough. The River Terminal received a £26 million investment thanks to a new long term agreement between Associated British Ports and GBA Group. On top of these BMW is creating a £25 million centre at North Killingholme.

The Kia and BMW facilities are focused on pre-delivery, storage and distribution, allowing the companies to send vehicles directly to showrooms across the UK. Combined, both operations will see the creation of around 200 new motor trade jobs.

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