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Many businesses look for their own solutions to motor trade recruitment problems. One of the options being chosen is to set up their own academies to train apprentices and effectively invest in new talent for the future. One business that has seen big success with this kind of strategy is Stoneacre Motor Group.

Stoneacre has grown substantially since starting out as a single dealership in 1995. They now operate from 40 different locations all across the UK and have 68 franchised outlets. With turnover in the year to April 2016 at £560.9 million the company is in a really good position and is looking for acquisition opportunities in the future.

One of the things that have helped to sustain Stoneacre’s growth is their Motor Group Academy. This was set up 18 months ago with the aim to offer the highest quality training and help apprentices to build lifelong careers.

A great deal of money was invested in the academy, particularly to ensure it is staffed by the very best trainers. There is a 15 strong-team in place to ensure the apprentices, currently numbering 171, receive the right training. This can number in at 2,000 hours by the time the programmes are finished and each apprentice graduates.

Of the graduates an incredible 96% are still with Stoneacre. The business looks to retain as many people as possible to ensure they can meet their motor trade recruitment requirements. Some of the former apprentices have even advanced as far as managerial roles in different franchises. This supports the aim to give people careers for life.

As you can see setting up their academy is really paying off for Stoneacre. It is not the only option available to find great candidates though. At John Gibson Associates we can help with that, offering a comprehensive recruitment solution for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and specialities. Our team are highly experienced and understand how to focus on finding job seekers with the right skills.

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