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The Internet moves ever forward and many dealerships web-sites remain ever the same. Having said that a number of players in the franchise dealer network are progressing their on-line offerings and the power of this medium is increasing enquiry levels in various areas.

People seem to be saying the next area to focus for selling products is Social Media, I have to say I would sound a note of caution here even though I'm a great Internet fan. I have spoken to a number of players who think Social Media is the place to sell product, in my humble opinion that is wrong. I think a good transactional web-site with the ability to complete transactions 24/7 is the place to sell product, Social Media is the place to promote yourself and let people know you exist.

In the good old days when I joined the industry a dealerships marketing budget was viewed in two ways, firstly some spend was for specific vehicle newspaper ads (the only medium available then !) and this was often costed back to the individual car as a sales department marketing cost, secondly were general marketing costs for things like generic dealership newspaper ads, promotional events and flyers (remember them !!). Internet marketing spend should be viewed in the same way, if you try and justify your Social Media spend on increased vehicles sales/profit you are likely to be disappointed but it will increase your generic profile.