Industry growth expected for 2015

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November saw a small decline in the number of new cars manufactured in the UK but new growth is expected for 2015. The month saw 137,347 new vehicles made, just 0.2% lower than the number for 2013. Alongside cars commercial vehicle production has also fallen slightly with a 0.7% reduction to 7,073. The conditions suggest the market is contracting slightly but the lower demand can be traced to economic uncertainty and a dip in exports.

Additional growth is predicted for next year because there is still strong demand for UK based vehicles around the world. Around 4 out of every 5 vehicles manufactured in the UK are exported but November has seen a 6% fall in exports. Luckily this has been offset somewhat by a rise in domestic demand, seeing an increase of almost a third. Foreign demand is predicted to rise again in the New Year, particularly when economic troubles ease.

Vehicles manufactured in the UK are highly valued because of the amount of effort that has gone into making them as gentle on the planet as possible. Many different green technologies have been introduced, including those designed to cut carbon and other harmful emissions. Almost every manufacturer is investing in green technology and 2015 could see them profit from this investment with higher sales.

Even with the fall in demand many manufacturers will be looking to recruit more staff in 2015, particularly if plans to start bringing more production back to the UK come to fruition. These could offer great cost savings for producers but require higher staffing levels, meaning there should be job opportunities.

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