India has a huge automotive market

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India is set to become one of the largest automotive markets in the world. Rapid growth in passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, and two-wheeler segments will push the country to the number three spot in the world, only behind the US and China.

The huge growth in the market has had a huge impact on employment in the sector. Following extensive motor trade recruitment around 19 million people are employed in the industry, both directly and indirectly. The sector is worth 7.1% of the GDP of India and could hit revenue of $200 billion by 2026.

With such huge growth the industry has faced some difficulties with keeping up with recruitment demands. Fortunately the government took action, aiming to make the sector a significant contributor to its Skill India programme. This will drive job creation, potentially adding a breathtaking 65 million jobs in the next decade.

Another thing that employers have done is invest in skilled manpower. Companies in established markets like the UK and US are already doing this and it is a proven way to help ease motor trade recruitment.

One of the best ways to invest in talent is to look at the behaviour, personality, strengths, and interests of applicants. That way a suitable training plan can be put in place to help maximise performance. This kind of forward planning is beneficial and can provide fantastic results.

At John Gibson Associates we help businesses all across the UK with their motor trade recruitment. We advise them about the importance of investing in the right talent and selecting appropriate candidates. Moving forward we can find these individuals, find out as much as possible about them, and provide our recommendations to the employer.

Whatever the role we are confident we have the skills and knowledge to find the perfect people to fill it. We won’t simply look for a short term fix for you; we will try to choose a candidate who will provide long term value that you can be confident investing in.

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