Increased manufacturing figures highlight efficiency

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Our news sections recently featured an article on the recently released new car sales and registrations figures. To briefly recap, those figures showed that growth in this area of the automotive sector has continued to grow, and have done so in a sustainable manner. We are delighted to say that there is a similar story in terms of car production.

The consolidated production figures for manufacturing tend to take longer than sales figures to finalise, but in the case of March 2016 it has certainly been worth the wait. An increase of just slightly below 10% was reported, with the total number of units manufactured in the UK exceeding 159,000. This exceptional level of production has been an essential aspect of ensuring supply meets the demand for British manufactured cars, both in the UK and across the world.

It would be incorrect to assume that the higher levels of production are purely a consequence of an increased level of employment in the automotive sector. Although the industry has grown considerably over the last 6 to 7 years, and has come to be one of the biggest employers within our economy, it is the nature of employment which has led to higher levels of production, rather than the volume of it. By taking a more focused view on the all around characteristics and traits of candidates, as well as the important skills and abilities they possess, recruitment processes have improved. This means there have been more informed appointments made, leading to a situation in which greater efficiency levels can be reached.

We take great pride in the fact that we were at the forefront of introducing the benefits of this far more dynamic approach to motor trade recruitment. Our approach was based on an understanding of how long term efficiency and success were only realistic targets to aim for if you had the best staff in place. We help businesses to make long term appointments, leading to businesses being able to reach and exceed production and sales targets on a month by month basis.