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The success of the British automotive sector over the last decade is a subject we’ve discussed quite often here on our site, and we look forward to discussing it for many more years to come. For now, we’d like to take a closer look at one of the factors which has helped ensure sustainable success in the industry: automotive companies from around the world increasing their presence within the UK.

One of the most significant driving factors behind the success of the British automotive industry has been the increased demand for British cars both at home and abroad. Extremely high standards are inherent in British design and manufacturing, and these are the most valued qualities sought by consumers when investing in a new vehicle. Businesses from around the world have sought to secure the services of British professionals in order to gain the same success.

The level of India’s investment in Britain increased by some 65% over the course of 2015, with considerable focus being given to investment in the automotive sector. This has created many jobs in the UK, with almost 40,000 of the 110,000 people employed by Indian companies in the UK working in the automotive industry.

Of the growing number of Indian automotive companies increasing their presence in the UK, Apollo Tyres have caught the eye of many. This is a company with ambitions of being the biggest tyre supplier in the world, and so far their business plan has enabled them to move closer to this goal. The fact that they know they can rely on the strong manufacturing presence in the UK is testament to the success of our industry.

We take great pride in the fact that our recruitment services have delivered success to businesses beyond those founded in the UK. International automotive businesses seeking to harness the benefits of a British workforce know that they need assistance in ensuring they get the best staff possible, and our record for representing the very best is second to none. When it comes to recruiting for automotive jobs, businesses and candidates know we are their first choice.