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Good news letter!
In my opinion (for what its worth) the reg’s are up due to the huge increase from manufactures. They themselves are running scared for market share and putting huge pressures on sales teams to progress. The issue is that the people they send to do this generally have no ability or authority to offer anything worth while or sensible. The figures maybe up unit wise but the GP is down (even though some people don’t have the guts to say) if your owned by the manufacture then its fine to a degree- but the small retail dealers will struggle to meet their market share and will need to further rely on used profit retention, but due to low new sales-quality p/ex stock will reduce as they just cant/wont compete. It’s a horrible story but as you said customer service is the only way to boost profits combining this with good F+I practices and high unit turn over to give the opportunity to start the process again!

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Ford Franchised Dealership