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Recruiting staff via an agency is becoming less and less popular as businesses look for a more cost effective solution. Many companies are choosing to keep the services in house, or are using social media and job boards to attract applicants. There are potential benefits to this, but working with an experienced recruiter will always offer more, particularly if speed is important.

The biggest benefit of choosing to work with a recruiter is the fact that they will have experience of your sector and the labour market. This knowledge is beneficial because it means they’ll already be prepared for many of the potential issues they can encounter, reducing the potential for delays and other problems.

Typically, one of the biggest delays in the recruiting process is screening applicants. This can result in a great deal of lost time, even if there are only a small number of candidates. As this number rises so does the amount of time it takes because you should ensure you at least look at every CV you receive. Some businesses will have a cut off point after which they won’t even do this. Although this saves time, it does mean you could potentially miss out on the best applicants.

With an experienced recruiter on side you can remove a lot of pressure from the screening process. Instead of looking through CVs yourself you can have them do it and only notify you about the best prospects. Some recruiters will handle everything up to and including final interviews if you really want to lessen the workload. They will also have established processes so they can complete the screening and selection more efficiently.

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