Important automotive news in the Queen’s Speech

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The automotive industry in the UK can look ahead to an incredible future following the announcement of the Modern Transport Bill in the Queen’s Speech on 18th May 2016. These new measures will put Britain right at the forefront of technological developments in the sector, including driverless and electric vehicles.

The legislation will reduce red tape around new technologies, allowing development to begin at a much faster pace. It also adapts the legal system to consider insurance liability if a vehicle driven by autonomous technology is involved in an accident. The moves put the UK into pole position, further improving the potential for the new wave of vehicles to be developed here.
The very best estimates from a study compiled by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders suggest that the UK could earn huge rewards as a result of the move in the near future. They claim that autonomous vehicles and the associated technology could bring approximately £51 billion each year into the British economy by 2030. If the UK can position itself as the leading destination in the world it could earn even more rewards. The development could create upwards of 320,000 motor trade jobs.
Tests for autonomous driving technology have already been held in Britain and more are expected in the near future. Volvo is just one company planning them. They intend to test 100 driverless cars in London, remarking on the fact that the capital offers a great opportunity to see how the vehicles perform in a busy complicated road environment.
At John Gibson Associates we are very excited about the support the UK is giving to cutting edge automotive technology. It offers fantastic opportunities for the future and could bring huge change to the economy. Even if only a small number of the prospective motor industry jobs are created, it would still be an impressive number and give people even more chances to build a career in this rewarding sector.
We will be happy to offer our recruitment skills to all businesses involved in electric and autonomous vehicle development, helping them to secure the most talented people to fill all kinds of roles.