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As in any other industry, the motor trade depends on high quality employees who are fully qualified to complete the work at hand to the highest standards, whether they are involved in sales, design, engineering or any other field. As specialists in motor trade recruitment, we understand that for a company to be the best, it needs to have the best people working there. We also understand the difficulty of finding people with the right talents and qualifications for a specific role. This is why we implement the most effective techniques and strategies for finding the most outstanding candidates.

Here are some of the tried and tested ways which have proved to be effective at securing the right people to fill roles in your automotive business.

– Using the most suitable avenues for marketing. With our innate understanding of the automotive industry, we know where and how to market your available position so it will be seen by people who have the particular talent or qualification you are looking for. We also have many great job vacancies available to browse on our site, so prospective applicants know where to look.

– Using clear, concise marketing. If a posting is vague about the particular requirements of a role or emphasises the perks of a job more than the actual work, you are likely to have a lot of applicants who are not actually suited to the job, which wastes time and resources. We emphasize exactly what will be expected and required in a specific role to increase the chances of attracting qualified people with a real passion for the work. This strategy can help to cut down on the number of unqualified applicants.

– Using innovative tests to determine a candidate’s suitability. Our unique personality testing process assesses how a person will fit into your organisation and how they will complement your working processes and other staff, which means you can gain a more complete picture of them than simply looking at their CV to see what their qualifications are.