Identifying right candidate for each role

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As you are aware, any job in the motor industry requires the most dedicated and skilled of candidates. At John Gibson Associates we aim to make the recruitment process easier by putting all prospective candidates through a series of tests to determine their suitability. This process offers some fantastic benefits, including helping to narrow down the field to applicants who will satisfy your needs.

There are a number of repair technicians taking on different types of motor industry jobs in the field. Each role is important. Service technicians check oil and fluid levels in addition to checking the major electrical and mechanical components for any faults. Diagnostic technicians use special tools to diagnose faults in the electrical, ignition and management systems and, with the rising complexity of automotive systems, the importance of their job keeps rising. Body repair technicians restore or replace warn out components depending on the amount of damage present.

Each of these roles requires the mechanic to be at their very best for both customer safety and satisfaction reasons. Knowing how to work on the vast amount of vehicles that need repairing is important and with 135 million cars travelling along the roads each day, businesses need to make sure that their employees are always up to standard.

While the maintenance aspect of the motor industry is a major focus, another very important part is sales. In order to sell anything, the individual must be self confident, knowledgeable and have an excellent selling ability. We put our candidates through a sales test to determine how they perform in different scenarios. After the test we produce a written report which shows strengths, weaknesses and offers guidance on how to better them. We feel this kind of training is very important to ensuring we put forward talented sellers for roles.

If you are in need of professional and competent employees our team can help provide the best recruits. By putting them through our various tests, we can assess each candidate’s suitability for the vacancies that you have on offer and choose the ones that stand out the most. This is an effective way of filling motor industry jobs.