HPI survey highlights growing focus on buying eco-friendlier vehicles for financial gain

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Dealers are reporting a rise in the number of consumers asking them for CO2 information as part of the used car buying process, according to the latest survey from vehicle information expert, HPI. However, HPI’s new research confirms that cost is the driver behind consumer interest in CO2 data and savvy dealers, who are meeting the needs of their customers by providing this information, are securing more deals.
Dealers Say 38% Of Customers Ask About CO2 Emissions

77% of the dealers surveyed by HPI said there is a greater awareness of CO2 emissions among customers, although, 85% of dealers believe this is because of lower tax benefits; 49% said lower running costs are the reason for ‘going green’. Interestingly, 37% said that CO2 emissions would frequently affect a customer’s decision to buy a vehicle. Only 13% of dealers say that CO2 emissions are not an important factor.

However, 15% of used car dealers say they rarely obtain CO2 Certificates for the stock on their forecourt with 28% never doing so and 21% saying they sometimes do. The majority of dealers, who do obtain the certificate, display it and 61% said that the certificate does aid the sales process. Daniel Burgess, Managing Director of HPI comments, “It’s clear to see that CO2 now has more of an impact on a customer’s purchase decision, but many dealers are missing a trick by not offering this data, or only doing so when prompted.”

The HPI CO2 Certificate offers dealers a clear and easy way to offer consumers the information they need to make an informed buying decision. Available on a stand-alone basis for dealers, the HPI Environmental Sheet highlights the level of CO2 emissions a used vehicle creates, and mirrors labels already being displayed on new vehicles. The Environmental Sheet includes the vehicle’s estimated fuel cost over 12,000 miles, the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) banding relating to CO2 emissions, and MPG figures. Data is based upon the manufacturer’s new model notification and may vary between vehicles, depending upon options fitted. By the end of last year it had supported in excess of 3.75 million purchasing decisions.

“While we might not be at the stage where customers choose their vehicle based solely on its emissions, CO2 is now a key piece of data that a buyer will use when considering a vehicle. By utilising all the tools offered with the HPI Check, dealers can maximise their potential sales,” concludes Daniel Burgess.

Of those surveyed by HPI, 44% were independent dealers, 27% were single franchise and 23% were multiple franchise.

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